7 Things I wish I knew or did before I turned 30—and it is okay!


1. Spent more time on my health.

  • I wish I had gone to the gym more. I wish I had healthy eating habits. But, better late than never!. I am trying to eat clean and, work out as often as possible

2. Spent more time figuring out my career path.

  • I wish I knew what I wanted to do for a career. I have jumped from one path to another, and I “think” I know what I want to do now but still I am still undecided. Maybe go into Auditing or something in Data Analytics. I do not have to be tied to one thing. My career is fluid, as long as I am still learning, I am okay.

3. Spent more time reading.

  • I wish I can read more. I usually start a book, and can not finish it. But I think I know why. I like visuals. I can watch a “how to” video on YouTube, for an 1 hour, and won’t be bored.

4. Learned a 3rd language.

  • I wish I spent more time learning Spanish. I took 2 courses in Spanish during college, and I still can not construct a sentence. Me espanol es malo. I googled it!

5. Took on coding.

  • I wish I knew coding. I would like to develop an app one day

6. Asked more questions about my family history.

  • You know those questions that only your grandparents know answers too…yeah those ones, I wish I had asked my grandmother those questions.

7. Paid more attention to what makes me happy and what I WANT.

  • I always put everyone’s happiness before mine. Always putting others first; on what they think, or what they want. But I have learnt to put my wants and happiness first. It is still a process though. I have not mastered it yet!


What are some of the things you wish you knew before you turned 30? or 20? or 40? I know I missed some…

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  1. well that is really inspiring and i was looking for what i missed in my life…. I think 1 and 2 (spending time on my health and my career) is true. if ever I am below 30 again I will travel travel travel


  2. i’m turning 21 in two weeks and there are a lot of things i wish i knew – putting myself first, conveying my emotions, coming to terms with things – but i’m still so gracious for the experiences i endured to come to these conclusions! i definitely feel you on the “eating healthier and exercise” front – i’m not much of a resolutioner, but this year, losing weight and becoming fit is my number one goal. thanks for sharing!


  3. Love the ask more questions about my family history. My mom has always been great with providing us with family history stuff and I’m so glad she kept track of everything. It’s so interesting to know!


  4. I do agree on the language part of it & health definitely. Well, both are in progress Learning Portuguese for a month. & Have been on a longest sick leave ever in 13 years. I am 31 now.


  5. I could not agree with you more on #3, #6, and #7. I wish that I read more and it’s something I could easily change! I just need to spend less time on social media and more time with my nose in a book! #6 is something I want to do more of in my 30’s. My parents both know quite a bit about our history, so it would be such a missed opportunity if I didn’t sit down and ask them about it. And #7 … I feel like I did a fair amount of this in my 20’s, but not until my late-20’s. I think I would have been much happier through college if I had figured some of that stuff out earlier. That being said, I’m so glad I figured it out at all! So many people spend their whole lives without learning that lesson! Best wishes to you in 2019!


  6. Yes I wish I would’ve focused more on myself and my own happiness instead of trying to please others. I also would’ve paid more attention in Spanish class. Being bilingual looks excellent on a resume


  7. There are so many things that I wish I would have accomplished before my 30th last July but it’s okay! We still have so much more life ahead of us.


  8. It can be tough to know what we want or how to do things when we are young. Hindsight is of course much different! I learned a lot of things the hard way and the best I can do is guide my kids to hopefully make good decisions.


  9. If that’s you in the photos, there is no way that you’re 30! You look way younger! What’s your secret for aging so well? As for your list, while you may not have achieved them by age 30- you recognized them by age 30. And that’s still a lot further than other people ever get. Maybe you can be closer to those goals by age 40?


  10. I love reading, that’s why I have a book in my luggage when i travel. It gives me a whole different world, make me travel on sort. 🙂
    you should try it! It will also helps you to sleep.


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