Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide #2

20181207_154352_0001If you are like me, and you wait till the last minute to Christmas shop for your wife, husband or boyfriend or grandpa, then you are in luck. I got you!   I have also made it easier for you to find each item.

I have an amazon affiliate link below for each item

1. Pajamas: I love pajamas. It is my favorite clothing to wear. I wish I could wear them all day. If you significant other is like me, this is the ultimate gift


2. Coffee Mug: Gift this to a coffee or tea lover in your life or gift it to yourself


3. Beard oil: For all the metrosexuals in your life, this is the gift


4. Nike socks: I love brands that stand with the minority, and Nike is one of them. And the products are good quality


5. MVMT watch: Unless you have been living under a rock, movement watches are everywhere. They are trendy and chic and affordable


6. Thermal shirts: If you live in colder climates, this is a perfect gift for your husband/boyfriend who loves ice fishing. This thermal shirt will keep them warm


7. My Pillow: You guys! Do you suffer from neck pains or your pillow is always flat every wash? Then get my pillow. You can wash it over and over again, and it will never go flat


8. Headphones: Do you workout? Do you want to cancel every noise out? Do you love music? Then get this!


What did I miss? Leave me a comment below

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