Holiday Traditions?

Do you or your family have any holiday traditions you would like to share with me?

Here is mine from when I was younger.

Growing up, Christmas was always a happiest day for me.

We never celebrated Christmas on my dad’s side though. I don’t know why tbh. Maybe because my dad always worked outside the country so we never saw him that much? I can’t tell you.

But, we always celebrated Christmas with my mom’s family. Every family would bring a dish to share, and our house was the meeting point because we live closer to the beach

So, on Christmas eve, we would all go camping. All the cousins, aunties, uncles would hang out together. Eat. Play games. Joke around. Such a fun time. My favorite memories were always on Christmas day. We would camp for about 3 days or more or less. I can’t really recall. Such a fun time though

One fun fact is that in Uganda, and I think in the UK, santa is called “Father Christmas.” Isn’t that cool?

But now, I have my own family and I’m struggling on what traditions I want our family to have

What are some of your holiday traditions? I need help coming up with a list that would fit my family better. Help me in the comments


  1. So fun that your family camped together! Some of our family traditions include cookie baking/decorating, decorating my mom’s tree, watching a Christmas movie and driving through the town looking at pretty Christmas lights.

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  2. Camping is a great idea although too cold for us here in Canada! Some traditions we do with the kids:

    Christmas puzzles: we have 6 in a pack. This year we started them before Christmas!
    Christmas Movies: we always watch Christmas movies in the lead up to the big day
    Gingerbread House decorating: we buy it pre-made, just have to put it together and decorate!
    Bake and decorate Christmas cookies together
    Play games! We have Grinch-opoly so we play it every Christmas.
    Watch a movies on Boxing Day. Last year we started and watched Lord of the Rings over several days.

    Have fun with traditions!


  3. That is a very unique Christmas tradition to go camping, but I think that’s part of why it’s so special! I grew up in Chicago, and I remember so vividly every year going ice skating on State Street and then walking down and seeing all of the Marshall Field’s window decorations before eating under the giant Christmas tree in the Walnut room. Now that I have my own family, I would love to take them back home someday and re-create those memories but we’ve also made our own, no matter where we end up in the world for the holidays.

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  4. I am from Spain, so our Christmas traditions are very different from yours. But we like gathering up like 4 or 5 days in different houses or restaurants to enjoy dinner or lunch together.


  5. We celebrate on Christmas Eve, my mom makes traditional Polish dishes for Wigilia and it’s always a wonderful time spent with family.


  6. I love Christmas eves from my childhood very much because its the only one day my mom makes a lot of tasty and yummy foods. This christmas is also a memorable one for our family.


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