New Year’s Resolutions?

What is your New Years resolution?

I know what you are thinking. Can you chill? We just had Christmas literally 2 mins ago. Calm down, sarah!

But, hear me out. I have noticed that if you start planning out your year now, you are more likely to think hard about your goals

You have enough time to write them down without any pressure of having them done by the 1st. It gives you time to go edit them, change them or even cross those out, that you know are not attainable

To be honest, I am not a goal setting type of girl but since I want to go hard on this blog and my Instagram, I have finally caved in

So here are some of goals for next year

1. Create relevant content for both my Blog and Instagram

2. Be a great mom. Work on my patience, as well as communication

3. Reach out to brands for sponsorships

4. Get accepted on the likeitknow app

5. Get my fitness and health game on

As you can tell, so far I have 5. I can dream them. Attain them. And they are manageable

I don’t have a long list, this way I am not trying to attain a goal I know I won’t succeed on

Have you thought about what you want to accomplish in 2019? Do you even set goals? If not, what do you do instead?

Let me know in the comments below. I still need ideas


  1. My goals are to do yoga everyday, even if its just a few minutes. I also want to strengthen my wheel pose and get a handstand. Another goal for 2019, I want to read a new book every month (that’s been an ongoing goal for the past 2 years).


  2. Hey Sarah! I loved reading your goals! I believe that you can achieve them! I too would love to find sponsorships for various brands. I’m not sure how to get started with that but we will figure it out!


  3. I’m always a goal setter, but I usually keep a small list, like you. This year I would like to continue to grow my blog to work with more brands and to be a good mum — I’d like to be ‘present’ with my children as much as possible, which will be a little easier as I’m starting maternity leave for baby number 2 in the Spring :).


  4. I didn’t have hard goals for this year (I mean I had a TON of stuff to accomplish but didn’t want to get stuck in too many details) so instead focused on words: joy, love, laughter. These helped me choose projects and activities that aligned with those words. I might do that again next year. Good luck on your goals! xx


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