Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas

Can you believe Valentine’s day (February 14th) is around the corner? I know I can’t because the year has just started. If you are like me and you a sucker for love, you have already figured out where to go, what to do, and what to wear. Here are some of my favorite looks for this season. I have also found some similar clothes on Forever21, H&M, Misguided etc. Check them out below

This time around, we are getting a baby sitter, and we are having an adult time out. I can not wait.

Also, if you are like me, I always find a hard time finding things to wear. And since red is the official color of valentines, I have sought the wide world web for everything you need to make the day special

Also, since I am in love with velvet this season, this list is going to be full of velvet-ty like clothing. But don’t be alarmed, I included everything from dresses, tops, jumpsuits, shoes, bags, even make up. You are welcome! And everything ranges from 25% to 75%. Yay! Sales!

I know, I missed something, please let me know in the comments below. What are your go tos when it comes to special occasions like Valentines day? Do you still celebrate it?

Shop my looks by clicking below 🙂


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