5 Ways To Survive The 2019 Polar Vortex

If you live in winter stricken states, you know that this week is going to be the coldest for the year. I currently live in Minnesota, which is the mid-western part of the United states, and the temp gauge is going down to -20 degrees. I am not ready, to say the least.

So, here is how I plan to conquer this week

1. Mindset

Attitude is everything. It determine how your week is going to go in my opinion. If you are positive about it, then you will find different activities to keep you busy. However, if you sit and ponder, you will not accomplish anything

2. Warm Coat

Invest in a nice parka or a long teddy coat. The teddy coats are in trend right now too, and can be found on amazon +Prime. Target has great parkas as well

3. Remote Start

I know, I know some people can not afford this but it’s a life and time saver. Imagine all time you could save when you can start your car from the comfort of your home or work building. Most newer cars come with it but if yours doesn’t, invest in it

4. Warm Accessories

Invest in good gloves, nice round scarf and boots. LL bean has a good variety of scarfs and gloves. UGGs, Bearpaws or Kamik boots have great varieties to choose from

5. Stay Home

If you can, stay home. No need to get out if you dint have to. Watch your favorite Netflix or Amazon show.

What did I miss? What are some of the ways you are surviving this polar vortex? Let me know in the comments below


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