Fashion Trends – 2019


I know I am late to the game but better late than never, amirite?. So, here we are. I will talking about some of the trends I am loving and what will be hot in the spring and summer. Being a wanna be fashion blogger, I am always researching what is new, and how to get it on an affordable price. My go to fast fashion companies include Fashionnova, Boohoo, H&M, Forever21, Express and Zara

  1. Neon
    • This is my favorite, however , it is very hard to pull off. You need to find the right combination of colors. Here is how I styled mine
  2. Yellow/Pastels
    • Yellow is my color. I think this color was meant for dark skin girls like me. When I wear yellow, I feel great. It puts me in a great mood. Here is how I styled mine
  3. Animal Print
    • At first I was not sure about this one, but it has grown on me, and now I own a pair of snake skin boots and a snake skin dress (All Faux). Here is how I styled mine
  4. Barrettes
    • If you have any social media page, I am sure you have seen these in your timelines. How cute are they?! I don’t personally own this because I hate putting anything in my hair, but I like how people style them (so cute)
  5. Cycling Shorts
    • Unless you have been living under a rock, these were even a trend in 2018, and I love them. I currently own three pairs, and I can not wait for summer to rock them. Here is how I styled mine
  6. Woven/Crotchet Anything
    • I love me a good woven bag or sandal. I recently got myself a pair of woven sandals from Target. There were only $25. I love trendy stuff, but I don’t spend a fortune on them
    • 2403-2019-0327223539699795970666837512434474314558.jpeg
  7. Tie and Dye
    • Gone are the days when you thought tie and dye was for only your craft studio. It is now a fashion statement. I do not own any of this yet, but I found some cheap tops from Amazon
    • screenshot_20190324-220320_amazon shopping3056657605817668005..jpg

Are you into trends at all? If so, do you buy from high-end designers or from the fast fashion companies? Also, let me know you favorite place to shop for clothes, and/or accessories

Thanks for stopping by. xoxo


  1. You really like dressing up huh, that a lot of clothes. Nice collection, Please make the photos larger though. Thanks!


  2. Those barrettes and animals prints are the best. I love those barrettes cuz they are so cute. I bet they’ll look good on me.


  3. Thank you for the overview of fashion trends. Looks like you’re well prepared to be fashionable again in 2019!


  4. Great trend round up! You are right about yellow, it is definitely your color. The bike shorts are cute on you, but it is a look my thick thighs could never pull off, lol!


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